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Twinline walk-in tun and shower combinationAustrian company Artweger's TWINLINE 2 is a combination bathtub and shower that offers the safety of a walk-in tub in a sleek modern design. A single piece of safety glass acts as both a partial shower enclosure and the door for the walk-in tub. The door latch is opened by lifting up on a raised handle covered in a non-slip rubber coating, while the in-swinging door saves space in the bathroom. To fill the tub, the door lock must be moved to the "bath" position, which closes the drain and locks the door to prevent it from being accidentally opened while the tub is full.


An optional fold-down seat can also be included for those who prefer to sit while showering. The shower head can be used as a hand-held sprayer or be mounted on an adjustable rod to act as an overhead shower. If desired, the door's 18 cm (~ 7") threshold can be reduced down to 5.5 cm (~2") by recessing the tub into the floor.

More information about the TWINLINE 2.


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