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Affordable housing must be designed with accessibility in mind


After decades of more or less ignoring this pressing social need, the federal government is poised to enact a new strategy on housing – and it will line up with a new law in Ontario, announced this week, that will allow municipalities to demand affordable housing from developers. This represents an opportunity to transform the lives of many citizens and, broadly, our cities. Vaughan signalled that the Liberal campaign promise of nearly $20-billion over 10 years for “social infrastructure” will help fund housing.18.

Designing a modern home with accessibility in mind


The oldest baby boomers turn 70 this year. And while that may be the new 55 for some, many will face tough decisions in the coming decade.

Toughest of all will concern housing. A fiercely independent, rebellious generation will not go quietly to Whispering Pines Home for the Aged. No, just as rules were broken and society turned on its ear a half century ago, how – and where – we age in the 21st century is due for an overhaul.

Deaf-blind housing project will be 1st of its kind in Manitoba


Winnipeg will soon be one of the first cities in Canada to have specialized housing designed for people who are both deaf and blind.

Bonnie Heath, executive director of the Resource Centre for Manitobans who are Deaf-Blind, has put down payments on 10 suites in the residential portion of the new Gas Station Arts Centre, which is slated for the corner of River Avenue and Osborne Street.

Once A Pipe Dream, Disability Community Nearing Completion


LAKELAND, Fla. – Merely a pipe dream for the past 18 years, The Villages at Noah’s Landing is nearing completion. Quaint, colorful and secluded on 56 acres of semi-wooded prime real estate on Lake Crago in north Lakeland, the residential community for people with developmental or intellectual disabilities is unique for Polk County and a rarity throughout the nation.

Universal Design Allows Aging in Place


The first barrier to accessing any home is the entrance. When searching for a home, we often ask ourselves if it’s a place where we can grow old, but we don’t often ask whether it’s the home that will allow us to age in place. Universal design helps make homes function for people with varying levels of mobility.

Incorporating Subtle Universal Design Into Your Home


If you are building a home from scratch or thinking about a major remodel, you might want to consider incorporating universal design into your home. Universal design is the concept of creating an environment that is usable by as many people as possible (including able-bodied people) without the need for adaptation. More importantly, universal design is subtle in its implementation. Following are some ways of incorporating universal design into your own home.