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Guest Post: Smartphone Technologies Designed for People with Disabilities

As assistive technologies become more main streem, technology buff Kyle Albert shares his knowledge of current and upcomming smartphone advancements that may be beneficial to people with disabilities.

Written by Kyle Albert, regular contributor to

Over the last decade, smartphones have been omnipresent in the lives of the disabled. In fact, The Guardian said that this type of technology is helpful to those who are coping and adjusting to their condition. The increased functionality of this powerful device has enhanced the lives of those who need assistance with the visual, hearing, mobility, and cognitive. Below, we’ll present the highly-engineered smartphone advancements for the disabled.


Described TV Listings

video description logoThe Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act requires the most popular television networks to air a certain number of programs with audio description each week. To help people determine which shows will have audio description available, the American Foundation for the Blind has created a new Described TV Listings page on its website.

ASL Tales Creates Visual Children's Books

cried wolfLaurie Meyer and Pinky Aiello, co-founders of ASL Tales, have revolutionized story-telling for all children – those who can hear and those who cannot. The company has been producing books for the past 5 years, and is working diligently to get the books into school classrooms. Meyer and Aiello believe that learning visually can enhance the way hearing students learn language while allowing disabled students to understand words in an alternate way. The main goal of the company is to help children learn language in a unique way, while providing everyone with access to American Sign Language. Tales also intends to correct the current connotations about what ASL really is.

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The Morph Wheel - Travel with Ease

The Morph Wheel folds for easy storageOriginally designed to be used on a bicycle, the Morph Wheel is a foldable wheel compatible with any wheelchair that can accommodate a quick-release axle. When folded, the wheel is compact enough to fit in tight spaces, like a sports bag or under a seat on an airplane. In this state, the diameter of the wheel is reduced from 24 inches to 32 x 12.5 inches. There are no tools necessary to fold or unfold the wheel, which makes for a user friendly experience.

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Ocean Wheelchair for Florida Residents and Veterans

The city of Deerfield Beach, FL now has four new ocean wheelchairs -  wheelchairs that can travel on sand without getting stuck, and float in beach water. The floating wheelchairs are free to rent for those that have a need for them while at the beach. Locals Terry and David Rittenhouse are responsible for bringing the chairs to Deerfield beach, forming a non-profit organization called Broward Sealegs, which raised money to buy the chairs to make the beach accessible for people with spinal cord injuries, MS, and disabled vets. The Rittenhouse's are certain that the chairs will be a hit amongst the elder beach bodies since it is difficult for most of them to traverse through the sand to get to the water.

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